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TIF Editor and TIFF Viewer for Windows 7/8/10, Windows Servers 2003/2008R2/2012R2/2016/2019. TIFF Editor and TIFF Viewer for desktop computers and terminal servers.

Multi-Page TIFF Editor and TIFF Viewer is comprehensive and effective solution to view, edit, annotate and print your multipage TIFF files (faxes, business papers etc.). This viewer has everything you need to work with multipage TIFF documents - from common operations with pages in multipage TIF documents to more specific tasks. It's easy to use interface and wide range of TIF-related features makes this software indispensable for your office. The package contains the desktop version of "Multi-Page TIFF Editor" for Windows and ActiveX "TIFF Add-On Viewer for Internet Explorer" as additional component.

Multi-Page TIF Editor allows you to search the text in the image and find files in the folder (including subfolders) by metadata fields which makes this editor ideal for processing of your documents.

This editor provides almost all page related operations such as editing, adding or deleting pages, rotation, replacing and extracting. All the pages can be easily rearranged in your favorite order by dragging them with the mouse. Additionally, each page can be fully edited with internal bitmap editor, including per-pixel editing and each page can be commented with annotations and documented using a wide list of IPTC metadata.

Editor opens files rather quickly. To increase the speed of reading files (especially for big multipage files), this viewer uses "parallel" ("multi-thread") technology using several streams - it loads several pages at the same time.

One of the most important features of this viewer is its ability to comment files. You can easily add annotation objects such as text, sticky notes, highlight areas, color boxes, freehand remarks and pre-defined stamps to each page of your multipage TIFF document. All text objects support unicode characters (á, æ, ß etc.) and can be formatted with font and color information. A unique feature of this program is that annotations can be hidden with password protection to make them visible only for a certain number of users.

We are pleased to inform you that in addition to the standard desktop version of this Editor, the special Add-On (Plug-In) version of Multi-Page TIF Editor for Internet Explorer is now included into software package. Add-On (Plug-In) require Internet Explorer.

In short, we can list the main editing features of Multi-Page TIF Editor and TIFF Viewer as follows:

  • Reading, editing and writing big TIFF files up to 4 Gb.
  • Fast file reading using "multi-thread" technology. It is especially effective for big files.
  • Multipage scanning using TWAIN or WIA interfaces into multipage TIF files. Scanning to TIFF or PDF with a command line.
  • Almost all image processing functionality such as resizing, rotating or changing DPI are supported. Additional image editing features (drawing, color or contrast adjustments etc.) are available with help of powerful built-in bitmap editor or with help of any external bitmap editor that can be attached to this program.
  • All page operations, such us adding, removing, re-ordering as well as import or export pages (or group of pages) are supported.
  • PDF to TIFF raster conversion, TIFF to PDF conversion, raster editing PDF files.
  • Ability to annotate TIF files. Creation of pre-defined stamps as annotation objects. Hidden annotations.
  • Reading of MDI files.
  • Reading and editing IPTC and XMP metadata. Import of custom metadata fields from XMP files for further editing. Searching files in a folder (including subfolders) by metadata fields.
  • "TIF to PDF", "TIF to TIF" and "PDF to TIFF" batch converters are included in software package.
  • TIFF Add-On for Internet Explorer is included in software package.
  • OCR - Optical character recognition. Ability of optical recognition of several pages (or whole multipage TIFF file) into single multipage RTF file.
  • OBR - Optical barcode recognition. Barcode generator and barcode stamp tool.
  • Selected page (or group of pages) as well as whole file can be sent by e-mail using built-in SMTP client or can be sent to Microsoft Outlook or IBM Lotus Notes.
  • Ability to search for text on a image page.
  • Collating of pages. The program allows to reorder pages, say, after bundle scanning (1,3,5,7,...,8,6,4,2 -> 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,...).
  • Who may find this TIFF Editor useful?

    Simple answer - this TIFF viewer can be useful to anyone who works with TIFF files or with scanners. Based on our analysis of our registered users, it can be said that the main categories of users are:
  • state organizations such as municipalities, departments etc.;
  • hospitals and health facilities;
  • archives and libraries;
  • law firms, insurance agencies;
  • banks;
  • other medium and small companies;
  • ordinary individual users.

    It should be noted that this TIFF editor can be used on stand-alone computers as well as on terminal servers.

  • Desktop version